The magical drink

Can we all just take a moment and agree how disgusting vinegar smells. I hate it. There is nothing worse to me than the smell of vinegar. As far as I knew it was only for cleaning (side story, the best bathroom cleaner EVER is 1/2 cup blue dawn mixed with 1/2 cup warm vinegar. Shake it up, spray it, let it sit for 1-2 hours, then wipe it down and stare in amazement. Please don’t microwave your vinegar for too long, unless you like explosions that result in a very clean microwave)

But did you know the health benefits of this disgusting liquid?!?! Less heartburn, sugar stabilizer, weight loss, energy, and so many other good things!

Kelly at Primarily Inspired has created this magical drink that masks the taste of that disgusting but o-so-good for you liquid.

I cautiously made and tried my drink…and….it was delicious!!!!

My husband, on the other hand, made a face worthy of a 5 year old eating vegetables. You win some you loose some.

I have only been drinking it for 2 days, but I can already tell how much better it is making me feel! Even though I was up at 5 this morning I have more energy and have had not one sugar drop all day. I call that a win!

Head on over to Kelly’s site to get this amazing recipe! I promise, you will be thanking me!

Very important side note: If you do not drink this all right at once and plan to sip on it, make sure you stir before every sip! Sometimes the contents seem the separate a little, giving you a huge mouth full of super unpleasant vinegar.


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